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Reflections from FREE Laundry & Literacy Day

Thank you to the Board members, staff and volunteers who joined us on Friday, July 29 for LaundryCares Foundation's Free Laundry & Literacy Day at Oz Laundry in Decatur, Georgia!

BCDI-Atlanta staff pictured left to right: Sr. Director of Program Development Dr. Daphne Babrow,

Director of Programs Dr. Shirleta Lawrence, President Dr. Bisa Lewis

We are so appreciative of our Too Small To Fail partners at the Clinton Foundation and Mayor's Summer Reading Club at GEEARS for supplying us with culturally relevant children's books to distribute to the children and families!

Our President Dr. Bisa reflects: "One of the preschool boys who came to our table referred to the Black boy on the cover of The Thing about Bees: A Love Letter by Shabazz Larkin as his cousin. This was the highlight of the day for me!"

We encourage more laundromats to offer learning spaces designed for children, especially since they spend an average of 2.5 hours per week in laundromats with the parents/caregivers.

Learn about Free Laundry & Literacy Events from our partners at LaundryCares Foundation.

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