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2023 Board of Directors: Call for Applications

Applications are open for Black Child Development Institute (BCDI)-Atlanta's 2023 Board of Directors.


Board meetings are held twice per year with special meetings potentially called by the Chairperson as needed. The Board of Directors is responsible for funding 10% of the organization's total budget each year.

Board Position Descriptions

  • Vice Chairperson: Offers support for the Board Chair and other leadership when needed. The Vice Chair is the future leader of the organization’s board.

  • Treasurer: Manages the organization’s finances and makes important decisions regarding spending and investing. This role is a demanding and engaging one, with a lot of responsibility and opportunity to initiate change.

  • Member At Large: Serves as the liaison between the membership and the Board of Directors. Officer duties and responsibilities are not fixed; they vary according to the needs of the organization and as directed by the other officers of the board.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current BCDI-Atlanta Member for at least 1 Year

  • Active participation in Quarterly Affiliate Meetings and organizational events

  • Letter of Interest

  • Resume or CV

The Election Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by the existing officers during the winter board meeting, where board elections will be held.

  • The slate of Board-elected officers will be presented during the following Quarterly Affiliate Meeting to complete the election process.


Board members serve a minimum of one year and can be re-elected annually by the Board of Directors, which is based on performance and fundraising. Board appointments are effective through December 31, 2023.

Learn more and apply.

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