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Tatjyana Elmore

Interim President

Tatjyana Elmore is the School Director for a nonprofit early learning program in metro Atlanta.  Mrs. Elmore provides training support and career coaching to EHS/HS staff, licensed early learning centers, and CDA graduates.  Mrs. Elmore is also a published author. She co-authored “In The Trenches: Stories From The Heart of Early Childhood Professionals”.  Mrs. Elmore is a member of the Board for the National Black Child Development Institute Atlanta affliction and now serves as Interim President. She is dedicated to strengthening local and state support systems for young children in Georgia and building the capacity of educators to serve all young children.


Debbie R. Hillman, CEO of Developing Human Resources Consultants, an organization focused on building quality services for children  and families, has distinguished herself as one whose caring compassion and love to “serve all mankind” is exemplary.  Beyond her professional endeavors, this community “champion” has found herself serving across a variety of mission-driven organizations.  Her mantra is “service is the rent she pays for her time here on earth”.  And, she demonstrates that through her role as Leadership Chairman of Strengthening Families Georgia and newly elected Board Chair-Black Child Development-Atlanta. She’s an active, hardworking member of AKA, TLOD, and NAACP, too!
Debbie is a champion who C.A.R.E.S., as she collaborates with both traditional and nontraditional partners throughout her community, acting on behalf of children and families. A strong family, child, and community advocate, she is always working to ensure that issues affecting  citizens are addressed.  Through her coordinated efforts, thousands of new registered voters are able to lend their voices. We are better informed because of her civic engagement efforts and voter education activities. Lastly, she is constantly involved in social media and other strategies to stimulate individuals to “speak up”!  

My name is Britne Mcduffie! I am from McRae, Ga. My career as a Child Development Specialist (Toddler Teacher) began during my internship at Georgia Southern Child Development Center. I continued my work with young children after my internship by becoming the lead teacher in the Toddler Two classroom at Georgia Southern Child Development Center (five years now). As a lab teacher, my role is to serve as a role model and mentor to students who are working towards their degree in child development.


I have received an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from East Georgia State College and a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development from Georgia Southern University. I recently received my master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology. I’m currently pursuing another bachelor’s degree in early education administration from Purdue Global University (Fall 2024). I was the Fall 2020 Stellar Student Award Recipient for BCDI-Atlanta. I am a Georgia approved trainer (2020). I’m a member of BCDI-Atlanta and GAEYC. I’m also a part of BCDI-Atlanta Board of Directors and serve as District 3 Representative on GAEYC board.  I have had the pleasure of presenting at the National Black Child Development Institute 49th Annual Conference, Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Southern Conference on Children, and BCDI: Summit on Children on meeting the development needs of toddlers within a classroom setting. Teaching and training ALL is a strength of minds, and something I grow more passionate about each day.


I love teaching young children within a learning environment and working collaboratively with others to impact and make a difference for ALL children. I am happy that I get to continue this journey to impacting children’s lives. Nothing is more exciting than seeing children conquer new milestones. Each day is a new adventure filled with new things to discover and learn. My goal is to provide a welcoming and encouraging early learning experience that motivates each child’s social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. I joined BCDI-Atlanta to become a voice for children who look like me. To make a difference and impact the lives of children. I strive to go the distance for ALL, and BCDI-Atlanta allows me to do so through their advocacy and dedication to improving the lives of Black families and children.

Nathan Thompson is a co-conspirator of anti-racism as he grapples with the intersection of privilege as it presents itself in race, gender, class, ability, etc. This work is critical to his approach to education. He is dedicated to collaboration as a means to creating growth through effective and nurturing learning environments for all, promoting advocacy for children, families, and educators. As a board member, he is dedicated to be in service to the mission of BCDI-Atlanta, working to advocate for the best future for Black children and families. The NBCDI Eight Essential Outcomes are in direct alignment with Nathan’s own values of equity, authenticity, and connection. His work with Rollins Center for Language and Literacy through “Literacy and Justice for All” is related to BCDI’s goal to “partner with child-serving agencies to implement culturally relevant and culturally responsive programs promoting high-quality early care and education, literacy, health, and family engagement.”

Dr. Keon N. Berry is a dynamic scholar-practitioner with a rich background in education management. Driven by a passion for positive social change, Dr. Berry utilizes core principles of equity, advocacy, and innovation to drive impactful transformations in higher education, early childhood education, education policy, academia, and social welfare. Throughout Dr. Berry's career, he has demonstrated a track record of unwavering commitment to empowering families and fostering favorable outcomes for youth of all ages. Through vision, passion, and service to all humanity, Dr. Keon N. Berry strives to help children and families envision and actualize their dreams of a prosperous future.

Brigitte Willis is a proud member of BCDI-Atlanta and has been serving as Member at Large since 2023. She is a devoted mother of one child, William. Brigitte was born in Caldwell County, NC and attended Appalachian State University (ASU). While at ASU, Brigitte studied finance and pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (AKA).


Being a single parent for the first five years of my son’s life really put things into perspective quickly. Waking up to a mediocre job and squarely focusing on earning enough money to pay for childcare consumed most of my day. The answer was in my hands if the focus shifted.


Many years later I am advocating for DEIBJ in ECE spaces. BCDI-Atlanta has opened my eyes to the genius of Black children and when Black children thrive, everyone WILL thrive! The time to ACT is now! You are your best advocate!


Ashlee Williams

holds a BA in Communications from Georgia State University and is pursuing a Master of Social Work at Howard University. She passionately advocates for marginalized communities, youth, and displaced families. With over ten years of social service experience, Ashlee has worked diligently to facilitate and maintain resources, organizational structure, and programming for various government and non-profit organizations.

In addition to her work in the social service industry, she is also an educator, having worked as an English teacher in China and pre-k instructor. Ashlee’s passion for serving marginalized communities has led her to travel frequently, living abroad and in multiple states nationwide. 

Ashlee volunteers at various organizations across the metro Atlanta area in her free time, including Covenant House, and takes pride in being creative as a writer and photographer.

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Ashlee Williams


Lubna Budhwani

is a proud dual MBA degree holder in Human Resources Management, from prestigious universities located in Australia and United States. Not only does Lubna hold dual degrees, she also has more than twenty years of experience working in the administrative field in multiple parts of the world.

Apart from her professional life, she is very keen on assisting those in need by volunteering at multiple reputed nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the world of those with disabilities and life-threatening conditions. 

In addition to her professional and charity work, she has extensive knowledge and experience about how the fashion industry works. Being a fashion entrepreneur, her passion of designing beautiful ethnic wear for all occasions is clearly seen through her work. Not only does she design custom wear ethnic clothing, she has vast knowledge of marketing her products through social media. 

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Lubna Budhwani


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