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BCDI-Atlanta promotes the improvement of the child welfare system. Coordinates outreach, programs, and activities that focus on prevention and effective, supportive, culturally competent care of children in all settings.


BCDI-Atlanta promotes the equitable distribution of quality across the birth to eight continuum and the connection between early childhood settings and elementary schools. Coordinates programs and training to increase the well-qualified, culturally & racially diverse workforce.


BCDI-Atlanta coordinates programs, activities, and training to ensure reading proficiency by the end of 3rd grade for all students. Engages students, families, and educators.


BCDI-Atlanta promotes family engagement as a long-term commitment shared between multiple stakeholders from many settings. Coordinates family empowerment outreach, programs, and activities that build partnerships and equips families with information and resources.


BCDI-Atlanta advances the quality of life for Black children, families, and communities by connecting programs, policy, and advocacy. We engage members and the broader community in activities designed to address                     local and state political and civic                             matters affecting Black children and                        families throughout the state of Georgia.

BCDI-Atlanta promotes culturally relevant healthy nutrition and preventative wellness practices among families. Coordinates outreach, programs and activities to engage, educate, and empower.


BCDI - Atlanta

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2394 Mt. Vernon Rd., Suite 220, Atlanta, GA 30338

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