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Join Us This Friday for FREE Laundry & Literacy Day

Did you know?

On average, families who use laundromats spend about 2½ hours there every week.

Join us with our partners for Free Laundry & Literacy Day this Friday at Oz Laundry in Decatur, GA! We're giving away FREE children's picture books and more!

This event will be held in five different locations at the same time on Friday; however, the BCDI-Atlanta team is participating in the event in Decatur. For your convenience, the five locations are listed below. We hope you can attend the one closest to where you live or work.


1️⃣ Peachy Clean Laundromat, Acworth

2️⃣ Oz Laundry, Decatur

3️⃣ The Laundry Center, Atlanta

4️⃣ Wash & Spin Coin Laundry, Atlanta

5️⃣ Bustin Suds Laundromat, Atlanta

Learn about Free Laundry & Literacy Events from our partners at LaundryCares Foundation.

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