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Recap of BCDI-Atlanta's April 2024 Quarterly Affiliate Meeting

We're excited to share highlights from our recent Quarterly Affiliate Meeting held in April 2024. Our featured speaker, Veronica Thomas, Director of Practice & Support Services at the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL), provided invaluable insights into several impactful programs and opportunities.

Veronica Thomas illuminated key initiatives to enhance early childhood development and support services across Georgia. Here's a brief overview of the programs and opportunities discussed:

Georgia’s SEEDS for Success Helpline: Veronica delved into the importance of access to resources and support for families and caregivers. The SEEDS for Success Helpline is a vital lifeline, offering guidance, information, and assistance to those navigating the early childhood landscape.

Child and Family Development Program’s Developmental Monitoring and Family Peer Ambassador Program: She highlighted the significance of developmental monitoring and the role of Family Peer Ambassadors in providing support, advocacy, and resources to families with young children.

The Infant and Toddler Program’s Language and Literacy Grant: Veronica emphasized the critical role of language and literacy development in early childhood education. The Language and Literacy Grant aims to foster language-rich environments and promote literacy skills among infants and toddlers.

DECAL’s Pyramid Model Training Series: Veronica discussed DECAL's commitment to supporting social-emotional development in early childhood through the Pyramid Model Training Series. This comprehensive program equips educators and caregivers with the tools and strategies to promote positive behavior and social skills in young children.

We encourage all our affiliates and stakeholders to watch the meeting recording below to gain deeper insights into these impactful programs and opportunities.

Again, thank you to Veronica Thomas for her informative presentation and to all who attended the Quarterly Affiliate Meeting. Together, we continue to make strides in advancing early childhood education and support services across Atlanta and beyond.

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