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Celebrating National Black Child Development Week: Igniting Revolution for Our Children’s Future

From June 9-14, 2024, we celebrate National Black Child Development Week (NBCDW), a dedicated time to advocate for and advance the Eight Essential Outcomes. This year’s theme, "Igniting Revolution," calls us to focus on creating lasting and impactful changes in the lives of Black children.

Why NBCDW Matters?

NBCDW is crucial for spotlighting and addressing the unique needs of Black children. It is a time for educators, families, and communities to come together to ensure every child can access the resources and support necessary for their growth and success.

BCDI-Atlanta’s Commitment

At BCDI-Atlanta, we are deeply committed to this cause. Throughout NBCDW, we will concentrate on six key areas:

  • Healthy Birth and Developmental Milestones: Ensuring every child gets the best start in life with access to quality prenatal and maternal care.

  • Early Learning Experiences: Providing enriching and inclusive early education opportunities that lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

  • Nutritious and Inclusive Meals: Promoting access to healthy and culturally relevant foods to support physical and cognitive development.

  • Affirming Self-Identity: Encouraging children to embrace and celebrate their unique identities through positive representation and self-expression.

  • Joyful Childhood Experiences: Creating safe and joyful environments where children can explore, play, and learn.

  • Supportive Communities: Building strong, inclusive communities that support the holistic development of every child.

Get Involved: Use the Activity Guide

To help families and educators celebrate NBCDW, we have created a comprehensive Activity Guide. This guide is filled with engaging, educational, and fun activities tailored for young children. It also includes advocacy actions for adults to support the development and well-being of Black children. 

To download the Activity Guide, click here.

Some highlights from the guide include:

  • Growth Chart Creation: A fun way to teach children about healthy growth.

  • Story Time and Role Play: Enhance early learning with stories featuring Black protagonists.

  • Cooking Together: Promote healthy eating with interactive cooking activities.

  • Create a Vision Board: Foster positive self-identity through creative projects.

  • Outdoor Exploration: Encourage joyful play and exploration in nature.

  • Community Collage: Strengthen community bonds by creating collages that celebrate local neighborhoods.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join us in celebrating NBCDW and making a lasting impact on our children’s futures. Use the Activity Guide, participate in the activities, and share your photos with us here. Together, we can ignite a revolution that ensures every Black child has the opportunity to thrive, succeed, and feel supported in a community that cherishes their unique identity.

Happy National Black Child Development Week!

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