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Celebrating Juneteenth in College Park

This past weekend, College Park was filled with joyous celebrations and vibrant displays of culture as the community came together to commemorate Juneteenth. The event was a resounding success, marked by a lively parade, captivating performances, and a strong sense of unity.

Highlights from the Event

The festivities kicked off with a parade that made its way through the heart of College Park. The atmosphere was electric, with families, friends, and neighbors lining the streets to watch the colorful floats and performers. Among the notable attendees were our Interim President Tatjyana Elmore and her daughter, Tamera, who made headlines on WSB-TV news with their enthusiastic participation and presence at the parade.

The stage was set for a series of powerful performances, with local artists and speakers sharing their talents and messages with the crowd. The area around the stage was adorned with balloons and decorations in the colors of the Juneteenth flag, adding to the festive spirit of the day.

Our Board Member, Nathan Thompson and his family were also in attendance, soaking in the lively atmosphere and enjoying the day’s events. The community’s diversity was on full display, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate this important day in American history.

A Day to Remember

Juneteenth, which commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, is a time for reflection, celebration, and education. This year’s event in College Park did not disappoint, offering a blend of entertainment, cultural education, and community bonding.

The parade was just one of the many highlights, with various activities and stalls set up around the park. Attendees could enjoy delicious food, shop for unique crafts, and learn more about the significance of Juneteenth through various informational booths.

A Special Mention

Tatjyana Elmore and Tamera’s participation was a standout moment, earning them a mention on WSB-TV news. Their involvement exemplified the community spirit and dedication to celebrating freedom and equality. Nathan Thompson and his family's presence further highlighted the importance of family and community in these celebrations.

The Juneteenth event in College Park was a beautiful reminder of the progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done. It brought people together in a shared spirit of hope, resilience, and celebration. Here’s to many more such joyful gatherings in the years to come!

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