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Welcoming Our Interim President

Updated: May 13

BCDI-Atlanta is excited to welcome Tatjyana Elmore as our Interim President effective April 15, 2024. Our Board Chairwoman Debbie Hillman shared the announcement during our spring Quarterly Affiliate Meeting on April 9th. 

Chairwoman Debbie reflected:

“Anytime an organization loses a strong, solid, high functioning leader, one has to pause for a moment and reflect.  Dr. Bisa has given us a reason to pause. Her manner of transition is one that clearly demonstrates her ongoing commitment to BCDI-Atlanta.  She has given her all in the leadership of this landmark institution in our community.  She has done everything needed to dot every I and cross every T.  

While Dr. Bisa is giving up the day-to-day operations, she followed all of the steps needed to ensure a smooth transition: 

  1. She made Board Leadership aware of her desire to move away from current role.

  2. She developed, in collaboration with Board leadership, a strategic succession plan.

  3. During the Board’s February Retreat, Directors were made aware of activities that would occur during transition.

  4. A public announcement was shared in early March and interested persons have begun submitting applications for consideration. 

The Board accepted Dr. Lewis’ recommendations for next steps; namely, the naming of an individual to serve in an interim capacity.  All funders have been alerted and have participated in meetings designed to ensure them that this is a pause and not a stop. To date, they have been made aware that the individual is familiar with our practices and policies and have celebrated our approach.  

Tatjyana Elmore, who has had an ongoing relationship with our organization, is ready to serve in a part time role from April 15, 2024, until the hiring process has been completed on July 1.  

In the next few weeks, the Board will begin the vetting and interview process.  Interviews will be completed no later than May 15th, and the job offer made for July 1 start day.  

Thanks to Dr. Bisa, Ms. Elmore, Board Members, Staff and members of our organization for ensuring that our mission and vision remain paramount!”

Please join us in welcoming Interim President Tatjyana Elmore! You can reach her directly at

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