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Unlocking Potential: BCDI-Atlanta's Expand Early Care and Education (ECE) Fellowship Opportunity

BCDI-Atlanta’s Expand Early Care and Education (ECE) Fellowship program is designed to identify and empower 60 passionate Early Childhood Education (ECE) professionals. This fellowship is a learning experience and a call to advocacy and lasting change for Black children and families. BCDI-Atlanta is seeking candidates who embody a commitment to growth, leadership, and culturally responsive practices in the pursuit of educational and career goals.

Why Join the Expand ECE Fellowship:

Transformational Learning: Engage in a culturally responsive and transformational learning experience designed to enhance your knowledge and skills as an Early Childhood Educator.

Mentorship and Coaching: Benefit from personalized coaching and mentorship to navigate the complexities of pursuing an ECE degree, focusing on achieving educational and career goals.

Financial Support: Seize the opportunity to participate at no cost, with coaching to guide you through the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) Scholars application process for financial assistance.

Virtual Engagement: Experience a flexible virtual program complemented by in-person participation at BCDI-Atlanta’s annual Culturally Responsive Early Education & Care Summit.

BCDI-Atlanta envisions a cohort of individuals who possess technical skills and share a deep commitment to the well-being and development of Black children and families. Applicants should possess:

  • A desire to learn and lead

  • A proactive approach toward setting and achieving educational and career milestones

  • A solid commitment to implementing culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate practices in classrooms regularly

  • Previous experience working with, or a genuine desire to work with, programs serving children and families of color.

  • A demonstrated ability to meet and exceed all program requirements, showcasing commitment and dedication.

Seize this opportunity to be part of a transformative fellowship beyond the classroom, shaping the future of Early Childhood Education in Georgia. Apply now and be a catalyst for lasting positive change.

If you're ready to embark on a growth, leadership, and advocacy journey, apply via For any inquiries, contact Sharon Hudgins-Beck, Coordinator of Programs, at

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