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National Black Child Development Week (NBCDW) 2021

Register for NBCDI's NBCDW 2021 events.

In addition to NBCDI's daily celebratory activities, tune in to BCDI-Atlanta's virtual National Black Child Development Week events.

Each day during the week of June 7-11, BCDI-Atlanta will share resources to support Early Childhood Development and the Arts - the NBCDW 2021 theme. Here's our schedule:

  • Monday: NBCDW 2021 Kickoff

  • Tuesday: Infants & the Arts

  • Wednesday: Toddlers & the Arts

  • Thursday: Preschoolers & the Arts

  • Friday: School-agers & the Arts

Enjoy featured authors and artists, along with opportunities to win FREE children's books, music CDs and other resources to support young children's creative development. Each day during NBCDW, be on the lookout for our special edition newsletter. Be sure to open each one early, so you don't miss chances to win! Subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop!

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