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Lifted Voices Fellow Feature: Dr. LaTarsha Holden

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Lifted Voices is BCDI-Atlanta’s diversity, equity and inclusion program - a multi-tiered approach designed to systematically address the programmatic needs of social justice. Five IMPRESSIVE fellows make up our inaugural class. Let's meet Dr. LaTarsha Holden!

Dr. LaTarsha Holden is a prolific author with her books ranging from her autobiography, children’s books, a personal development training manual, parenting guide and her latest release Leadership Principles: The Power of Personal Development.

She is a former political candidate for City Council in the 2017 election. She is named Ga/National Mother of the Year 2020 by American Mother’s Inc. She is the 85th woman in U.S. History to hold the title of National Mother of the Year. She’s organized several community events for the homeless, and empowerment events to encourage women. She’s advocated on several issues such as domestic violence, equal rights amendment, homelessness, stop the violence and lack of affordable housing. She’s also an international speaker and the CEO of Phoenix Rising.

Dr. Holden has been a guest panelist on different platforms to discuss topics such as Leaders in Ministry, Race, and Poverty in America, Women in Politics, Entrepreneurship and Homelessness. Most recently, she appeared on Season 6: Episode 12 of "To Tell the Truth" on ABC!

BCDI-Atlanta is honored to have Dr. Holden in our inaugural Lifted Voices Fellowship program!

UPDATE - August 2022

Dr. Holden graduated from BCDI-Atlanta’s Inaugural Lifted Voices Fellowship. She has founded Four Seasons Single Parent Program, Inc - a 90-day emergency shelter program with supporting resources. We are so proud of Dr. Holden for lifting her voice beyond the fellowship and fulfilling her passion to support healthy Black children and families.

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