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Let’s Talk About Family! (Talking is Teaching)

Updated: Feb 15

Make believe your family are guests on a talk show. Work together to come up with questions and use them to interview each other, talk show style! “Hello, grandma, welcome to our family talk show. What is your favorite meal to cook and why?” Asking questions and listening to one another is a great way to bond, connect, and spend quality time learning more about each other. Baby can’t talk yet? Interview them anyway! They love to hear your voice, and even if you can’t understand them just yet, they definitely have something to say!

What are some ways your family can spread kindness? From helping one another with household chores to baking cookies for a sick neighbor, there are so many ways to do our part to make the world a kinder place! Talk about things you can do to show each other kindness and think of ways you can work together as a family to show kindness to others. Make it a goal to do something kind together every week. How does it feel to be kind?

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