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Guest Blog Post -- Public Library Resources

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the nation, libraries are developing alternative ways to engage and serve library patrons when Library Boards have had to make the difficult decision to close library buildings and limit access and services. But through these difficult times, libraries have risen to the challenge and still continue to provide vital services and access to information to their communities.

Libraries provide a plethora of resources about which many may not be aware. Many resources offered by the local library have proven to be very valuable during the current pandemic as schools and universities have also had to close, requiring everyone to adjust to new virtual models for almost everything. This articles will highlight how library resources can help you stay on track with academics, continue to checkout your latest books and magazines, gain access to Wi-Fi when the library is closed, engage in virtual programming, prepare for tests, and stay safe while using your library during the health crisis. Learn about library services that may be most useful to you during the pandemic.

Summer Reading during the pandemic has been like no other in the past. In-person programs, designed to motivate kids to reach their reading commitment by adding fun and exciting events are restricted due to their gathering aspect. Stay-at-home orders and restrictions on gatherings have made the traditional SRP impossible. But know that your library is still trying to connect with you through Social Media. Virtual programs and story times are posted regularly in an effort to keep you safe and keep you reading. There’s no better time to read than during this pandemic; let reading take you away!

Digital Resources

Your public library subscribes to digital resources and provides convenient access to those resources through the library’s website. All that’s needed is your library card. Many libraries not already doing so implemented the issuance of digital library cards to users who do not have cards in order to provide them with access to digital content. The usage of digital resources has greatly increased during the pandemic. More library users are choosing to read e-books during the pandemic to adhere to new restrictions on sharing physical materials. Most Georgia Libraries provide e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines through the RBDigital platform. Library users continue to have access to materials even though library doors may be closed due to the pandemic. Thousands of books, magazines, and audios are available for checkout and holds can be placed on items that are already in use. Email notifications inform you of requests that become available for you to check out. It’s simple, it’s easy, and oh so convenient.

Platforms such as E-read Kids and TumbleBooks Library provide a huge collection of e-books for children.

Student in-class learning has been interrupted by the covid19 pandemic and students of all ages are having to adjust to virtual learning! But there is help and support for the student’s academic success through your library’s subscription to! You can even have your documents reviewed by a live tutor as well as connect to live tutors for help with homework.

To help alleviate the anxieties of taking tests, give Learning Express a try! Learning Express provides practice tests and study guides for a wide range of tests from firefighter exams to real estate licensing exams to college entrance and ASVAB tests. Learning Express can help you make the score you need the first time!

Another of my favorite resources is Mango Languages! If you’ve ever wanted to learn another language, you must try Mango! The interactive learning platform will make learning a new language easy and fun!

And don’t forget the new and improved Galileo and Virtual Reference e-books books and Encyclopedia! Libraries provide all the resources to students to help them achieve academic success. There is no way to cover all the digital resources available through your local library but access your local libraries website and find out the digital resources that are available to you. Free of charge!


Ever wonder why cars are parked at the library when it is closed. Most Library Wi-Fi signals are left on 24/7; and even more so during the pandemic. Library users can use the Wi-Fi without worries of trespassing. In addition, your library may have hotspots for checkout. Ask your local library about ways it can help you get connected.

Curbside Service

Most Georgia libraries have reopened their doors to the community. Although there are some limitations to service, patrons can now come in to browse the shelves and make their own selections. However, for those that are not yet comfortable about returning to the library amid the pandemic, curbside service may be still available.

I challenge you to visit the website of your local library and look around see what resources are available to you.

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