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Celebrating Cultural Responsiveness in Early Childhood Education

As the 5th Annual Culturally Responsive Early Education Leadership Summit approaches, it promises to be a fulfilling two-day event offering the opportunity for in-person professional development and a celebration of community and achievement.

The festivities kick off with the Leadership & Equity Advancement Network (LEAN) Gathering and Community Leadership Awards Reception on the evening of Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at the Westside Cultural Arts Center. The reception serves as a prelude to the summit, offering attendees an evening of celebration and connection with other ECE stakeholders. The night's highlight will be the presentation of Community Leadership Awards, a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of individuals dedicated to the well-being of Black children and families. Notably, the evening will be further enriched by a live musical performance by Georgia's own Grammy-nominated R&B singer-songwriter, Anthony David, creating an atmosphere of celebration and fellowship.

The following day, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at the Loudermilk Conference Center, the 2024 summit theme, "Thoughts Become Things: Manifesting a Bright Future for Black Children and Families," will underscore the power of positive thinking and its potential impact on the futures of young minds. The theme will be explored through featured speakers, panel discussions, concurrent sessions, and exhibits focusing on key pillars such as Literacy and Knowledge, Student and Family Engagement, Assets and Resources, and Community and Cultural Identity.

Early Learning, Early Literacy, Policy & Advocacy, and Family Engagement concurrent session tracks, will feature presentations such as “You Make Me Feel: Preparing Educators for Identity Work with Black Children,” “The BEHAVIOR Code: Decoding and Nurturing the Cultural Dynamics of Black Child Behavior” and “Student Wholeness: The Power of Collaboration to Increase Student Achievement”.

The 5th Annual Culturally Responsive ECE Leadership Summit is a testament to the power of collaboration, celebration, and shared commitment to shaping a brighter future for Black children and families. There is much excitement around the knowledge, connections to be forged, and the collective progress that can be achieved. Register now for a fulfilling two-day event offering the opportunity for in-person professional development and a celebration of the ECE community and its achievements!

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