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BCDI-Atlanta Welcomes Georgia State University Interns: Nina Martin and LaTia Onu

BCDI-Atlanta is excited to introduce two outstanding interns from Georgia State University: Nina Martin and LaTia Onu. They are joining us to support our mission of improving and advancing the quality of life for Black children and families in Georgia through education and advocacy.

Nina Martin's journey reflects a deep commitment to our cause. Growing up with a twin brother on the autism spectrum, she understands the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Her pursuit of a Social Work degree aligns seamlessly with our mission to uplift marginalized communities. Nina's involvement in the Social Work Club and her dedicated volunteer work at her local library demonstrate her resolute determination to make a difference.

LaTia Onu's path resonates with our focus on education and empowerment. Her goal to establish a therapy practice catering to Women of Color is not only commendable but aligns with our efforts to provide tailored support to underrepresented groups. Through her focus on sustainable social work practices, LaTia embodies the proactive approach we champion at BCDI-Atlanta.

With the addition of Nina and LaTia to our team, we are nurturing an environment where learning, collaboration, and advocacy thrive. We're excited about the meaningful positive changes they will bring to our community as we continue to strive for enhancing the lives of Black children and families across Georgia.

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