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BCDI-Atlanta hosts Family Literacy Night featuring GEEARS’ Mayor's Summer Reading Club

During the summer affiliate meeting, Family Literacy Night proved to be an amazing occasion for kids to engage in story time and receive free children's books. This collaboration between the Mayor's Summer Reading Club and the Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students ensures that children aged birth to five have access to quality literature, promoting early literacy and a love for reading.

The significance of reading during the summer cannot be overstated. Engaging in books during this time helps maintain and even improve their reading skills, putting them in a better position when they return to school in the fall. Moreover, reading during the summer fosters creativity, imagination, and critical thinking in children. It exposes them to new ideas, cultures, and perspectives, expanding their horizons and building empathy. By exploring books like "The Curious Cardinal" and "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way," children not only embark on exciting adventures but also learn about their city and community.

The Mayor's Summer Reading Club has been distributing books to children for over a decade, thanks to the support of valuable partners like PNC, the Alliance Theatre, and the Atlanta Speech School. The collaborative effort of these organizations ensures that children have access to diverse and enriching reading materials, preparing them for future academic success.

Individuals and organizations alike can get involved with the Mayor's Summer Reading Program by partnering with this remarkable initiative. By visiting the GEEARS website (, interested parties can learn how to receive free books and host their own book club events. Becoming a part of this program is a chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of young learners and contribute to a more literate and educated society.

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