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Advocating for Georgia's Children: BCDI-Atlanta's 2024 Day at the Capitol

BCDI-Atlanta had the incredible opportunity to host its 2024 Advocacy Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. This annual event is a crucial activity for our organization, as it allows us to engage directly with Georgia legislators on issues that profoundly impact the lives of Black children and their families. This year's Advocacy Day was particularly poignant as we discussed critical legislative priorities and advocated for changes that can transform the futures of Georgia's youth.

Thank you to State Representative Derrick Jackson for graciously hosting BCDI-Atlanta's team, board of directors, and stakeholders for the past seven years. His steadfast support has been instrumental in our efforts to champion the needs of Black children in Georgia. His dedication to our cause has not gone unnoticed, and we are deeply grateful for his unwavering commitment.

One of the critical data points he brought to the table during our discussions was that 82 of Georgia's 159 counties lack OB/GYNs. In addition, the state's Medicaid restrictions and lack of insurance contribute to the inaccessibility of healthcare for many families. These facts have caused a concerning rise in infant and maternal mortality rates across the state. For BCDI-Atlanta, this issue is especially critical as it directly impacts our focus on prenatal to 3 initiatives. Ensuring access to quality healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth and the early years of a child's life is foundational to their ability to learn and thrive. 

During our meeting with State Senator Kim Jackson, we delved into the importance of family engagement and its impact on preschool education policies. We discussed the need for interventions addressing environmental and parenting issues contributing to school behavioral concerns, especially suspensions and expulsions. Senator Jackson's insights were invaluable as we explored ways to support families and create a more conducive learning environment for our children. We also highlighted the need for access to available financial resources, such as sponsors and state budget allocations, for community organizations working towards these goals.

Another significant conversation occurred with State Representative Dr. Karen Bennett, where we emphasized the critical need for accessibility to fresh fruits, vegetables, and clean water. These necessities are essential for children's development and success in the classroom. Representative Bennett's support for initiatives addressing food deserts and water quality disparities was encouraging. We look forward to collaborating further on these vital issues.

We also want to acknowledge State Representatives Dr. Jasmine Clark, Farooq Mughal, and Segun Adeyina for engaging with us and discussing their support for our initiatives.  

As an organization dedicated to advancing Black children and families, our 2024 Advocacy Day at the Capitol was a powerful reminder of the impact our communities can make when we come together to advocate for change. BCDI-Atlanta is committed to continuing these conversations to increase awareness and working tirelessly to ensure every child in Georgia has the opportunity to thrive. Thank you to all the legislators who took the time to listen to our concerns and engage in meaningful dialogue. Together, we can create a brighter future for ALL Georgia's children. 

To learn more about BCDI-Atlanta's initiatives and how you can support our advocacy efforts, please visit the Public Policy page on our website at 

View BCDI-Atlanta’s 2024 Advocacy Day at the Capitol photos in our Gallery.

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