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$10 Dollars for 10 Minutes to Make an Invaluable Impact in Your Community

As we all know, our communities have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, in a way that far outweighs others. As we begin to come out of this pandemic stronger than when we entered it, especially for communities of color, we need to make sure that we are rebuilding the structures that are threatening children and families of color, building community power, and centering the leadership of women of color to lead families across the country in driving transformative policy reforms. To accomplish this, we are excited to be partnering with Equal Rights Advocates to launch a project that will engage African American and Latinx families in 10-15 cities from across the country, with the goal to develop responsive policy priorities for our communities in 2022 and beyond, while also mobilizing communities and shifting the narrative of what is really being experienced during the time. We want to ensure that the voices of our communities in Atlanta are being heard, and so we’d like you to take 10 minutes of your time to make an impact in your community that will be invaluable, by engaging in this survey below. Again, the survey takes only 10 minutes of your time, for which you will be compensated with $10 dollars immediately following completion, but will provide invaluable information to leaders across the country with the evidence to make informed decisions on policy changes and reforms that will ultimately benefit our communities. Please feel free to share the survey with your family, friends, neighbors, and those within your community, HOWEVER, do NOT post the survey link on any social media platforms. Additionally, you will only be able to take the survey once. Let’s make sure we are taking the minimal amount of time to make the maximum amount of impact for our communities and beyond! Thank you!

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