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Remembering Legacy Member Peggy D. Bullard

Mrs. Peggy D. Bullard ‘understood the assignment’ and dedicated her life's work to completing it with flying colors! A teacher, educator, consultant, trainer...each of the titles used by those individuals into whom she poured... received ALL A's!

Early in her relationship with BCDI-Atlanta, the mission and vision were unveiled and she saw that they fit her like a well-designed glove. When the monthly meetings of BCDI-Atlanta were called to order at Hoosier United Methodist Church, in the early 90's, she was one of the people who answered "present" when the roll was called. Committee members were requested and she found a way to "fit" us into her schedule. No matter the task, she helped pull together the puzzle pieces.

Whether we were working locally or planning a National Convention, she was there to lend a helping hand. She was there, not just taking advantage of the learnIng opportunities; but, more importantly, encouraging her Child Development Associate (CDA) students to grow professionally! She constantly drove home the concept that professional development included attendance at local, state, and national conferences. To know her was to witness her attention to what is now known as the "career ladder".

A HighScope trainer, she made "found materials" her specialty! She reached into our cultural bag of tricks and as was perfected in the Motherland, she taught participants to "not throw away" anything! In her office, she created a room of creative materials. Classroom teachers from our NAEYC Accreditation-seeking centers became CDA Students...and, a trip to the "found" room became one of their favorite field trips!

As was demonstrated over and over, Peggy loved infants and toddlers and their teachers held a special place in her heart.

She was an early volunteer for BCDI-Atlanta with the Early Childhood Mentoring project (before any funding was obtained). She was a consistent participant, both as a mentor and in pursuing accreditation for her own ECE program. When we had West Ed provide the on-site infant and toddler program she was involved and opened her doors to participants from every corner of our project. When we needed model classrooms, we just picked up the phone! Under her leadership, folks could always pick up some great ideas.

Yes, this Child Advocate and Teacher Educator clearly understood the assignment! She and her late husband were committed to high quality and serving the community well.

She will truly be missed!

Written by Debbie Hillman, Historian, BCDI-Atlanta Board of Directors

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