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What We Do

"Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them."

- James Baldwin, Author

Promote family engagement as a long-term commitment shared between multiple stakeholders from many settings, which include outreach programs and activities that build partnerships, as well as equip families with resources to improve economic stability.

BDCI-Atlanta's Two Generation Innovation Program

BCDI- Atlanta implemented NBCDI Family Empowerment Program (FEP) as the key curriculum for powerful families. The program focuses on creating opportunities for and addressing the needs of both children and their families together, to create improved family economic stability.  


The program provides materials, training, professional development and coaching to families and early care and education staff at all levels. Workshops and coaching sessions are offered virtually and in-person.  Families are given books and early childhood educational materials to improve their children’s school readiness skills.  Early care and education staff receive toolkits and training materials to enhance their relationships with and year-round opportunities for the children and families they serve.

Early learning program participants include:

  • Fulton County Public Schools (Pre-K)

  • YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta

  • Sheltering Arms

Powerful Families Video Series

BCDI-Atlanta proudly introduces a video series for Powerful Families. Each video encourages parents to spend more intentional and attentive time with their children. Visit our YouTube channel to view and share our videos with families.



To learn more about Powerful Families and opportunities to get involved, please contact us

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Family Engagement Program (FEP)

The Family Engagement Program is a 12-week program created to provide parents and caregivers with the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to support the learning and development of their children effectively. 

Benefits of BCDI’s Family Empowerment Program: 

  1. Culturally Relevant and Responsive: Infuses the social-cultural context of families’ lived experiences.

  2. Trauma-Informed: Takes a holistic approach to building the capacity of families by educating families on brain development, toxic stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and the importance of building resiliency and developing protective factors in children and their families.

  3. Developmentally Appropriate: Fosters children’s learning and development while honoring their strengths, needs, and culture.

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Click HERE to learn more about FEP.

Our Partners

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