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From Our President...


Dr. Bisa Lewis

It is quite the honor to serve as the President of Black Child Development Institute (BCDI)-Atlanta! On behalf of our national office (NBCDI), Board of Directors, members, partners, and volunteers, I bring you greetings from Georgia’s Capitol!

I accepted the charge to lead this organization, because I want to pay it forward. When I was growing up in Southwest Georgia, there were so many servants and leaders in my community whose relationships and genuine care for my well-being made it possible for me to become the woman, mother, and educator I am today. I strive to replicate constructive learning experiences with others who cross my path, in hopes to inspire the next generation to be leaders and assets to society.

Even after serving as Vice President of BCDI-Atlanta for nearly four years, I am continually impressed by the work our Affiliate does in Georgia’s communities. I love it that we are not pointing fingers; we’re taking ownership of challenges and concerns in the Black community and facilitating solutions! Ultimately, ALL children and families benefit from the work we do.

In each of our focus areas—literacy, child health, child welfare, policy, family engagement, and early childhood education, we are supporting communities through research, programs, and resources, so we can truthfully say Being Black is NOT a Risk Factor and “all the children are well”. I plan to leave this world empty, working and serving to build up our communities by inspiring youth, empowering families, and educating future leaders. Along the way, I hope to meet others who will commit to passing on this perpetual gift of service; because service is the gift that keeps on giving!


I personally invite you to become a member and attend one of our upcoming events. Change starts with…[look in the mirror]!😊


See you soon!

Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis

Board of Directors

Board BCDI.png


Nina Martin

is a spirited college senior hailing from Snellville, Georgia. Currently enrolled at Georgia State University, Nina is pursuing a degree in Social Work, a field that resonates deeply with her. 

Nina's connection to the world of social work traces back to her family, where she discovered her innate passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. Growing up with a twin brother who has autism, she learned firsthand the importance of understanding and supporting individuals with disabilities. This personal experience cultivated her desire to contribute to the well-being of those facing unique challenges. 

Eager to translate her compassion into action, Nina embarked on her academic journey with unwavering determination. As the vice president of the Social Work Club, she plays an instrumental role in fostering a supportive community for like-minded individuals, all driven by a shared commitment to social welfare. Beyond her academic pursuits, Nina dedicates her free time to two remarkable organizations, showcasing her boundless dedication to her chosen path. 

At her local library, Nina lends her skills to a range of tasks, showcasing her willingness to go above and beyond to assist her community. Additionally, she serves as the social media coordinator for God’s Ladies of Significance and Service (GLOSS), an organization that aligns well with her values and aspirations. Through her role in GLOSS, she harnesses the power of digital platforms to raise awareness and create meaningful connections. 

Nina's dreams for the future are as inspiring as her current endeavors. With a heart set on continued growth and impact, she aspires to earn her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, equipped with an advanced toolkit to create lasting change. Her focus remains on advocating for the geriatric community and individuals with disabilities, striving to provide them with the care, understanding, and resources they deserve. 

In a world where empathy and action go hand in hand, Nina Martin stands out as an embodiment of compassion and dedication. With her eyes fixed on a future filled with transformative possibilities, she is a beacon of hope for those whose lives she touches and an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her. 

Nina Headshot.jpeg

Nina Martin


LaTia Onu

is a second year master's student at Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies where she is pursuing a degree in Social Work. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Journalism, minoring in Psychology in 2018, and graduating Cum Laude. She currently maintains a 4.0 GPA and is the recipient of Georgia State’s Social Work CPUA Scholarship. In her studies, Tia is focusing on sustainable social work practices to assist clients with depression, trauma, hardships, barriers, and other obstacles they face in daily life. Her interest in social work stems from her goal to establish a private therapy practice with a specific focus to assist Women of Color like herself using cultural competence and various forms of evidence-based research and intervention. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue licensure in the State of Georgia and open the doors to a facility welcoming clients ready to collaborate on a plan to improve the quality of their lives.  

Tia's Headshot.jpeg

LaTia Onu


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