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For Effective Classification three vital steps must be considered:

First, classify/separate things into useful categories.

Second, Make sure all the categories chosen follow the same organizing principle.

Give examples that fit into each category.

Format of writing a classification essay;

● Introduction

Thesis statement is the most crucial part of an essay. Thesis statement refers to best research paper writing services in the USA the main heading/topic of your writing. The quality of the thesis statement depends on how well it explains the topic chosen.

● Body paragraphs.

This refers to the content of the essay. In an essential classification essay, each paragraph must follow one organizing principle. The paragraph can be organized on the basis of format.

● Conclusion.

The conclusion is the summary of the chosen categories and how well one has explained it and shown its relevancy.

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Difficulties of writing a classification essay.

Unavailability of research material's like Internet, books.

Lack of knowledge of the correct writing format.


Lack of originality and authenticity.

Lack of enough time to do extensive research.

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