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State of the Black Child Report Card - Georgia 

The National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) is excited to share our newest publication of the "State of the Black Child" Report Card series: Georgia. With the support of local advocates, community leaders, parents, caregivers, educators, and elected officials, NBCDI has designed these report cards to serve as powerful advocacy tools in highlighting and addressing the racial disparities in outcomes for Black children and families. The report cards provide advocates with high-priority policy recommendations to improve education, health and family support systems for Black children and families statewide.


BCDI-Atlanta published its inaugural edition of Nurture! Nurture is a peer-reviewed journal with high-quality original works based on the six NBCDI focus areas—early care and education, literacy, family engagement, child welfare, public policy, and health and wellness. The content from Nurture will influence practice, policy, and future research that will guide the experiences of Black children in families in their homes, communities, and learning environments.

All BCDI-Atlanta members will receive an individual email with a unique code to access the journal as a membership benefit. Please check to ensure your BCDI-Atlanta membership is current, so you'll have access to the journal.

Non-members can purchase the journal as an e-book from our store and wherever e-books are sold.​

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Being Black Is Not a Risk Factor: Statistics and Strengths-Based Solutions in the State of Georgia

The publication is designed to challenge the prevailing discourse about Black children, one which overemphasizes limitations and deficits and does not draw upon the considerable strengths, assets and resilience demonstrated by our children, families and communities.


Sponsored by the Alliance for Early Success

In June 2020, NBCDI released this activity book to help families, caregivers, places of worship, and civic groups guide children in coping with crisis in response to police brutality and how this impacts the Black community.

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